One Drawing a Week #1

Two drawings, because why not. Le Lion de Nubie et sa Proie, Auguste Caïn, 1870, and Clémence Isaure, Auguste Préault, 1848. A bronze statue and a marble statue in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris.

Sketched with a Lyra Titan 8B woodless pencil, final drawing with a Kuretake Fudegokochi brush pen. Both drawings look decent, but they initially featured anatomical errors of Rob Liefeld proportions, so I had to fix a few areas using The Gimp.



I’ve been trying to draw people in the Paris subway for several weeks now. Still quite dull, but at least they look more and more like human beings.



I used a Kuretake Fudegokochi pen which I originally bought for calligraphy, but is now my favourite tool for drawing.


I’ve decided to learn how to draw (better late than never). Starting with stuff I can practice alone before I take courses.


HB graphite pencil on bizarrely textured writing paper